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 Single Data Interface, SDI

The SDI is the link between the PC and a MUSCLELAB device, like Encoder, Contact grid, RF-Host etc

  • One port for connecting sensors or accessories and one USB port for connection to PC
  • No battery is required as both the SDI and the connected device is powerer from the PC through USB connection


DSU, Data Synchronization Unit

In contrast to the SDI, the DSU allows multiple sensor or accessory to be connected at the same time.  The DSU will synchronize all connected devices, wired or wireless, to ±1ms.

  • 8 Intelligent ports for connection of any MUSCLELAB-recognized wired devices. The Intelligent ports automatically detect which type of devices that are connected
  • Built in 2.4GHz radio host for wireless communication with up to 6 external sensors, like EMG, EGM or IMU
  • Expand number of simultaneous wireless devices by connecting up to 8 external 2.4GHz radio hosts.
  • Suitable for use in the field with built in battery. Typical capacity is 10 hours continues operation.


Linear encoder

Linear Encoder

Connect the string of the encoder to a moving object, such as a barbell, a weight stack of a training machine etc., and measure displacement, velocity, power and more.

  • Range (string length):  0-3.5m (0-11,4ft)
  • Resolution: 0.019mm
  • Sample rate 200Hz

Contact grid

Infrared Optical Contact grid

The product consists of two units, irSOURCE and irMIRROR, which together creates a “carpet” of infrared light a few millimeters above the floor. When the light beams are interrupted the time is recorded, thus allowing detection of contact and flight times.

The data allows calculation of Jump height, stiffness, power etc.

  • Long version: width 870mm (34.25 inch), Short version, 470mm (18.5inch)
  • Range (distance between irSOURCE and irMIRROR): approx 3-30m (10-100ft)
  • Resolution: < 2ms

Force plate

Force plates

Used for any jump test (SJ, CMJ, DJ, RJ), balance test (postural sway) and more.

  • 4 strain gauge load cells, vertical force only
  • Capacity 4x500kgs, total 2000kgs (4409lb)
  • Samplerate 200Hz/1kHz (Selectable)
  • Dimension 600x400x60mm (23.6×15.7×2.36inch)
  • Weight 12.7kgs (28lb)
  • For separate left/right recording, two plates can be put together and used as one for jump tests and isometric strength tests.

Force sensor

Force sensors

Used to measure force, most commonly isometric strength

  • Maximal force
  • RFD (Configurable)
  • Resolution 14bit
  • Sample rate: 200Hz / 1kHz (selectable)
  • Standard ranges: ±100kg, ±300kg,±500kg

Other ranges and types are available upon request

Force sensor – wireless

Force sensor – wireless version

Suitable for sledge pulling

  • Maximal force
  • RFD (Configurable)
  • Resolution 14bit
  • Sample rate: 200Hz
  • Capacity: 200kg
  • Weight: 380g (13.4oz)
  • Dimensions:80x40x125mm (3.15×1.57×4.92In)

Built in memory for data storage when sensor is out of range


Inertial Measurement Unit, IMU

Used for Gait and running analysis

  • Wireless
  • Accelerometer 3-axis ±16g, accuracy ±1.0%(typ.)
  • Gyroscope 3-axis 2000 dps, accuracy ±1.0% (typ.)
  • Magnetometer 3-axis ± 1300 / 2500 µT, accuracy ±5%
  • Built in 2GB data storage (>80 hours), no loss of data!
  • 200Hz sample rate
  • Battery capacity: more than 8 hours continuous operation (16 hours without streaming)
  • Light weight, 20 grams
Electromyography, EMG
  • Wireless
  • 2 input channels. Use 1 or 2 channels by selecting single or double cable
  • Built in 2GB data storage (>80 hours), no loss of data!
  • 1kHz sample rate
  • 20Hz-500Hz bandwidth
  • Battery capacity: more than 8 hours continuous operation (16 hours without streaming)
  • Light weight, 20 grams

NB! The EMG cables are not included. Double or single channel EMG cables are sold separately.


Electrogoniometer, EGM
  • Wireless
  • Dual axis
  • Built in 2GB data storage (>80 hours), no loss of data!
  • 200Hz sample rate
  • Battery capacity: more than 8 hours continuous operation (16 hours without streaming)
  • Light weight, 20 grams


Timing gate

Optical timing gates (photo-cells)

Used for sprint and agility tests

  • Wireless
  • Wireless range: 100-150m
  • Resolution: 2ms

To communicate with the photo-cells you will need a radio transceiver, the RF-host. One RF-Host communicates with up to 8 timing gates.

Standard tripods may be used as stands. One timing gate requires 2 tripods, one fore the photo-cell and one for the reflector.

Laser Speed

Laser speed and distance sensor

Used for running, wheelchair racing etc

  • Wireless or wired
  • Continuous measure distance and speed
  • Typical range 3-60 meters with poor reflective properties of the measured object, or 300+ meters if wearing reflective vest
  • 2.56kHz internal sample rate, 20Hz output


DynaSpeed – resisted or assisted sprinting

The pulling force is totally controlled trough software, distance dependent or speed dependent.

  • Maximum speed 13.7 m/s (45 ft/s)
  • Maximum resistance in both directions < 27kg (59lbs) @max 10s -or < 50 kg (110 lbs) @max 3s
  • Line length 87m
  • Power Supply 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz – 10A
  • Max power consumption 1.6kW
  • Communication Interfaces mlNetU™,  USB and WiFi
  • Weight 28kg
  • Dimensions 960x362x160 mm (34.2×14.3×6.3”)




Software for Windows. Compatible with 10 and 11 – 64 bit versions. 32 bit is no longer supported.

The professional edition is the full version with interactive access to all raw data.

Standard version is identical to professional version, except for access to raw data.

Each license grants the right to install the software on 3 different computers.

Includes 6 months maintenance



Includes all software upgrades, including bug fixes, new tests and protocols.