Product Kits

Do you need some tools to test and train your athletes?

Ready to go Kits

Each kit contains everything you need to run tests


Dynamic strength kit – MUSCLELAB Power

A complete kit containing SDI, Linear displacement sensor (Encoder) and Software
Simply connect the Encoder to the barbell or to the weight stack of your training machine and you get:

  • Velocity, distance and power
  • Power test
  • Create force/velocity relationship graph based on test results
  • Estimate 1RM based on tests with sub-maximal loads
  • Biofeedback training
  • Compare of left-right and before-after using almost any training machine using gravitational load

The MUSCLELAB Jump kit:

Jump kit – MUSCLELAB Jump

A complete kit containing SDI, Contact grid and Software

Place the two units 3-30m (100ft) apart and the surface between them act like a timer switch. Contact times and flight times are recorded which can be used for different performance tests.

Most common are the jump tests; Squat Jump (SJ), Counter Movement Jump (CMJ), Drop Jump (DJ), Rebound Jumps (RJ) or any series of jumps (Hopping).

But the contact grid offers more than that, for example Hurdle jumps and running tests.


  • Contact times and flight times
  • Jump height
  • Stiffness
  • Estimate % Fast twitch fibers by just carrying out two jumps
  • Single leg jumps allow left-right comparison.