Resisted or Assisted Sprints



How it works

Attach the line from the DynaSpeed to the sprinter. The DynaSpeed will pull the line with a precise force, programmed by you! 

The force can be used to create resistance for the sprinter, or generate pull in the direction of movement, so called assisted or overspeed sprinting. 

The pulling force is highly configurable trough software and may for example vary with speed or distance.


Some examples of use


If you decide to run at a constant resistance, or pull, the force is Isotonic. “Isotonic force” means constant force regardless of speed or acceleration.

The true force (shown in the upper right graph) is what the sprinter is generating.

If the force applied is isotonic, the force is highest at low speed and lower at high speed.  This is the basics of the Force/Velocity concept.


Example with 10.7 kg (16% of body weight) resistance

Every step

Even if though oscillation of the velocity may give an indication of the individual strides, there are many factors that that will influence the result; Swing of the line, elasticity of the line, length of line, pulling force to mention some.

DynaSpeed is a part of the MUSCLELAB system and therefore integrates and synchronize with other sensors.

Combining DynaSpeed and IMU sensors, or contact grid,  allows precise step detection of every stride for in depth analysis.

Example using 2 IMU sensors with DynaSpeed for detecting each step during sprint.