MUSCLELAB Software (latest release)

Release date: October 14th 2021

This version requires valid serial number thru May 2021 to install

Changes in this version:


  • Fixed: Misalignement of coloumn heading when export to spread sheet
  • Fixed: Error when opening raw-data if Laser was set as secondary sensor
  • Added: Possible to deactivate DynaSpeed optical sensor if exposed to direct sunlight 


Fix: Device firmware update failed if only one device was connected via USB


  • Fix: Issue with firmware update of DynaSpeed
  • Fix: ADA test did not work properly
  • Fix: Filtering of velocity could generate artifact at the very end of a sprint with Laser


  • Fix: F/V report did not show properly
  • Fix: Load in kg was sometimes displayed as pounds.
  • Added ’10/20m/yd Fly’ to test view for Laser and DynaSpeed


Fixed bug in tesview when displaying distance in the table for DynaSpeed and Laser test.


  • Added 10m, 20m,10yd, and 20yd fly times for Laser and DynaSpeed tests
  • Added data per meter/yard for the first 10m/yd Laser and DynaSpeed tests
  • Added Kinetic Energy for running
  • Improved and unified start detection for DynaSpeed and Laser tests.


  • Added: Import/export of tests and people between databases
  • Added: Skating kinematics for assisted skating sprints
  • Fixed: Microsoft mediaplayer included in setup in case missing in the target PC
  • Fixed: DSU update for WiFi support somtimes failed.


Fixed: Failed to save results when using dual force plate with threshold for isometric test

Fixed: Groups did not show correctly

Changed: No longer possible to have different sample rate for the two plates in a dual force plate test.


Fixed: Step detection calculation did not perform correctly


  • Added support for the new dynaSpeed Sprint Pro 120m
  • Added support for the new DSU-Lite
  • Added support for wireless connection to DSU, DSU-Lite and dynaSpeed via Wi-Fi
  • Added support for the new finger strength board (climbing force)
  • Various stability and bug fixes


Quick fix: Error in test could occur when using Goniometer


Optimized EMGrms calculation for significantly higher speed.

Fixed: issues related to firmware update of DynaSpeed

Fixed: Input control for RFD calculation was not working correctly


Fixed: Missing reps when using encoder.

Added several parameters for SJ and CMJ using single or dual force plates


Fixed: Automatic retriveal and re-assignment of  IMUs to sprinters in sprint tests.

Fixed: Laser battery indicator did not show if laser was connected by wire.

Fixed: User-setting of DynaSpeed pull-in speed was not always retrieved correctly.

Fixed: Filtering of report data on group level could cause error.


Fixed: Potential sync issue that may cause test to terminate

Fixed: Program hang if showing live streaming window with DynaSpeed


Fixed graph scaling issue in force test when changing between subjects


Step detection: Added new parameters and allowed re-calculation biometrics of sprinter were intially incorrect.

Added split times and velocities in DynaSpeed test view.


Bug fixes:

  1. Horiszontal F/V charts did not always show correctly in Report
  2. Export of Split times from Laser tests to Spreadsheet was organized incorreectly
  3. Saving test with wireless wearable sensors could fail
  4. Radio signal strength indicator did now show


  1. RSI in Hopping test is now avaraged from the best 5.
  2. Added more parameters in step detection (Fmax, cl/Ll index, vertical oscillation, stiffness++).


Bug fixes:

DynaSpeed firmware did not update properly

Drop Jump on force plate gave incorrect GCT

Running analysis with laser and contact grid failed.


New features:

  1. Advanced Skating analysis with DynaSpeed, Laser or timing gates in combination with IMU sensors. Stride frequencey, glide length, glide time etc.
  2. Split times with Laser test.
  3. Isometric test termination at defined percentage or predefined time
  4. Added time to failure to isometric strength test.
  5. Added system info log.
  6. Added support for export/import of people.
  7. Added battery indicator for sensor with battery.


  1. Updated isometric strength test report.
  2. Updated speed test report.
  3. Improved data consistency check on horizontal FV to avoid crash.
  4. Enabled photocells list in test definition.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed issue with bar graphs that is not shown in dynamic strength test.
  2. Fixed issue with load in percentage in dynamic strength test.
  3. Fixed crash of force test.
  4. Fixed timer in hopping/rebound jump test.
  5. Fixed issue with selecting force sensor in test definition.
  6. Fixed issue with doubled number of step detection sensors.
  7. Fix: Gait analysis did not save.
  8. Fix: Force test did not allow several measurements with out saving in between
  9. Fix: Force test and Force plate test live barograph did not always show.

5111 to 5112

New feature: Measurements on force plate can now be selected to be expressed as a positive or negative number.

Fix: Update of DSU firmware could fail and result in program crash.

Quick Fix: Crash in raw data test when attempting to close a non-existing window

5110 to 5111

Quick Fix: Crash in raw data test when attempting to close a non-existing window.

5100 to 5110

Quick Fix: Firmaware of timing gates is updated to match V10.201.xx.xxxx

Improvement: Position bio-feedback in dynamic strength tests is updated.

5107 to 5109

Quick Fix: Wireless sensores that was swiched off-on during test could be disconnected.


New features:

  1. Wearable sensors can now be linked to person, not only test.
  2. Power saving for Laser. Automatic turn of when not making tests.
  3. Implemented Acceleration/Deceleration Ability (ADA) test using Laser.
  4. Implemented Wireless Laser unit update.
  5. Implemented Wireless Laser unit pairing.


  1. Improved Isometric strength test and report.
  2. Major improvement on dual force plate jump tests and report.
  3. Improved force plate calibration.
  4. Live data graph is now running independently of test.
  5. Added data integrity check into EMG normalization.
  6. Changed graph scale in Laser sprint.
  7. Added “Toggle force direction” button for force sensor in test view.
  8. Optimized horizontal F/V analysis with Laser.
  9. Changed wireless sensor name format in system check window.
  10. Updated jump test (contact grid) report.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed wireless data transfer for segmented test.
  2. Fixed issue with detecting timestamp offset if there is no data coming from sensors (out of range).
  3. Fixed issue with incorrect incoming data from wireless force sensor (FW + SW).
  4. Fixed issue with data transfer for wireless force sensor.
  5. Fixed issue with C3D data scale for EMG.
  6. Fixed issues with firmware update.

Older software RELEASES – Not for new installations


Release date: July 10th 2020

This version requires a serial number valid thru February 2020 to install

Changes in this version:

Most recent fixes:

5096 to 5097

Fixed bug: Laser sprint did not alway fetch data from IMU sensors if test was terminated manually.

5095 to 5096

Improvement: Sprint with Laser. Now using F/V calc to determine start time.

Quick fix: Laser unit firmware did not update automatically.

5092 to 5095

Fixed: After updating from 32 bit to 64 bit some raw data might have been inaccessible.

5091 to 5092

Quick fix: Wireless sensor some times did not start recording if opening/closing sensor window from test view.

5087 to 5091

Quick fix: Photo-cells loosing sync if switched off and on

5085 to 5087

Quick fix of a problem related to server version of database.





New features (V10.200.xx.xxxx):

  1. Added step detection feature for sprint tests, using IMU sensors
  2. Total distance for sprint with laser can be changed in test view.
  3. Added Mean Propulsive Velocity (MPV) and Rate of Velocity Development (RVD) for dynamic strength biofeedback.
  4. Added Flight Length parameter to sprint test.
  5. Added possibility to use server database.
  6. Force sensor sample rate selectable 200Hz/1000Hz.
  7. Test definition name can be changed even if it was used before.
  8. Raw Data tab is hidden if no raw data shown.
  9. Load input will be preserved when changing a person in test view.
  10. Added reports for drop jump and isometric strength tests.
  11. Added sheets with detailed data for tests that has multiple results.
  12. Added support of PID (Patient ID) as substitute for people name



  1. Wireless data transfer totally rewritten and significantly improved.
  2. EMG normalization value now following the person is valid for different tests.
  3. Improved force plate calibration
  4. Improved jump tests on force plate. No longer need for landing on the plate (except DJ)
  5. Updated test reports
  6. Reduced light brightness in photocells with light tower to increase battery run time.


Bug fixes:

  1. Opening sensor live view while test is running could affect test data.
  2. Fixed issue in Endurance strength test with concentric start.
  3. Fixed issue with off sync RMS presentation in raw data view.
  4. Test view hangs in initializing mode.
  5. Fixed issue with power calculation in drop jump with force plate.
  6. Removed spikes in report graphs.




MUSCLELAB Software (32bit version)

Release date: Dec 7th 2018

This version requires a serial number valid thru January 2017 to install.

NOT recommended for new installations! Use this only if you need to reinstall an old installation.

Changes in this version:

No information available

Software for early generation MUSCLELAB

This is the latest version of the software for the old MUSCLELAB system. (3010, 4000/4000e, 4010/4020). This software is no longer supported and there may be some compatibility issues with versions of Windows later than 7/32. However, V8.31 has updated USB driver for use with Windows 10

Version 8.31
Changes in this version:

No information available